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Volunteering sparks friendship, sense of belonging

It’s an exciting time to be on the Baranduda Community Centre committee, just ask long-time member Cheryl Tomlinson.

“There’s some exciting things happening at the centre, we have a new co-ordinator, Stacey, who is great and really enthusiastic and listens to the community and the committee members,” Ms Tomlinson said.

From discussing up-coming community programs at the centre to planning the quarterly community markets, that’s plenty to be involved in.

Ms Tomlinson rattled off just a few of the up-coming projects.

“We are looking at possibly getting a defibrillator for the centre, also seating and shade sails around the skate park, as well as having a skate competition at the park that involves all the kids, and maybe doing a Baranduda park run,” she said.

“We have our markets that we do every quarter and we have had film nights too.

“This has all came together because of the diverse group of people that are part of the committee and I would recommend to anybody that if you want to be a part of something, we could really do with some more committee members.”

New friendships, connections and a sense of belonging are some of the benefits that Ms Tomlison has discovered in her volunteer role.

“I enjoy meeting new people and the discussion around opportunities and what we can do for the community, getting other people’s point of view and sometimes it can even be a heated discussion, not very often though,” she said.

“I don’t have a big group of friends so it’s great for socialising.

“We have a meeting once a month and we bring together ideas to create a community environment that people can get involved in.”

“Because Baranduda is such a small community, we would like to get more people involved.

“We really look after each other in this community, we have a Facebook page where people will say things like, there’s a roo on the road or a dog has got out and it’s a community. I know these people’s names but I don’t know what they look like and that would be wonderful to be able to come together, as a community, and get to know each other by face and not just by name.”

There are many aspects which Ms Tomlinson enjoys about her role on the committee.

“I enjoying hearing everyone’s ideas about how we can involve the community, how we can raise funds to purchase products for the community and, once again, it’s social,” she said.

“Some of the highlights of being on the committee have been the joy of being involved with the community and providing, I guess, a format where I can impart my knowledge.

“Just being involved in the community is really the crux of it and trying to make the community a better place.”

Those interested in joining the committee should contact the centre on (02) 6020 8643.



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